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About us

Hi there!

My name is Linda and I'm the proud owner of Lights & Silhouettes.

I'm an Italian designer with a great passion for crafting since I was a kid.

I created my first paper cut light box in 2016 and a year later I established Lights & Silhouettes, the first Italian brand for handmade light boxes.


During these years I gradually pivoted my small business from

physical shadow boxes only


half physical and half digital products

and finally to

digital shadow box templates only!

Paper and light effects are always the main ingredients, but creating products with the highest quality possible and adding innovation while satisfying all of your needs and requests are my everyday goals.


And last but not least: simplicity.

No one is born knowing everything!

That's why I want to make the process simple and fast for everybody, from beginners to advanced crafters.

Now I'm proud to share my passion and expertise with crafters all over the world through my unique shadow box designs.

~ Linda

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